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City officials try to calm West Jasper Place residents angry over sewer odours Published on: November 18, 2015 | Last Updated: November 18, 2015 6:54 PM MDT Drainage official Clem Yong counters allegations that the new west end sewer construction caused odour issues. Video by Elise Stolte A major new sanitary trunk sewer tunnelled through the city’s west end came out 10 centimetres too low at the attachment point in the West Jasper Place neighbourhood, but drainage officials say that’s not behind the odour issues plaguing the area. The 10-centimetre gap on the 2.3-metre wide pipe does mean a bit of raw sewage is stuck in the line, but it’s a far cry from allegations circling through the neighbourhood. After getting a letter from a person who claimed to be a city employee, community league officials have said they believe the line is off by one metre and there are thousands of litres of sewage pooling in the line. Clem Yong, the city’s drainage director of project delivery, said staff have walked the entire new line and have monitors in the system. They guarantee there are no pools of raw sewage. “The cause of the odours in the area and the current state of the existing sanitary trunk sewer along 99th Avenue at 151st Street is not a result of the construction of W13 and the connection to the existing sewer,” Yong said Wednesday. “There is a history of odour in the area given that there are major trunk sewers that handle large amounts of sewage coming from west Edmonton to this location.” A new sanitary sewer trunk in west Edmonton connects to a corroded pipe in urgent need of repair near 151st Street and 99th Avenue.Supplied / City of Edmonton The city is continuing to investigate. It has also restarted remediation work on the old trunk sewer in the area, a line discovered to be so corroded one budget document described it as hanging on by “ribs and lagging.” Coun. Andrew Knack said councillors received a similar letter as the residents and forwarded it to city auditor David Wiun.

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