Great Ideas For Selecting Elements For Transporting Dangerous Substances

Brown noted that farming is hazardous work. She cited a federal report that said 92 per cent of farm deaths are work-related while 70 per cent of those deaths involved machinery. She cited other reports that said PTOs are particularly dangerous, accounting for three out of every 10 farm machinery entanglement deaths between 1990 and 2008. "Alberta Agriculture has considerable educational and training resources for promoting safety on farms and ranches, but use of such resources is still largely elective," her report says. Last year, Alberta passed a law to improve safety for farm and ranch workers, but some details of the new legislation that went into effect in January are still being worked on. Labour Minister Christina Gray said her department and the ministries of Agriculture and Advanced Education will review the recommendations over the coming months. "Our government is committed to working with the farm and ranch community to make improvements to the safety of agriculture operations, and we’ll continue that work in the light of this inquiry," she said. "One of the ways that we’ll do this is by listening to the technical working groups, which include representatives from the agricultural sector, labour groups, and technical experts, on ways to apply occupational health and safety standards to Alberta’s farms and ranches." Fatality inquiries do not assign blame but make recommendations to prevent similar deaths in the future. Brown's recommendations are to be tracked under a new system that was developed after judges noted in previous reports that the province was not following up on all fatality inquiry findings. Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley suggested the tracking system is overdue. Alberta's first fatality inquiry report was released in 1975.

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