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Alberta’s labour ministry says Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers have launched their three-month inspection of stand-alone convenience stores and gas stations with convenience stores attached. According to government officials, the December shooting deaths of two Mac’s employees – both working alone in separate Edmonton stores – along with other violent convenience store robberies, prompted the audit. READ MORE: ‘Unnecessary, gratuitous, evil’: 2 clerks shot to death in Edmonton robberies “Health and safety on the job is paramount,” Minister of Labour Christina Gray said in a new release Tuesday. “Employers are responsible to take all precautions to ensure their workers are safe, treated fairly and go home to their families at the end of the day, no matter what industry they work in.” The Alberta government says OHS officers will be speaking with workers and employers about current employment standards on issues like working alone, workplace violence and hiring young workers. The inspections will see officers visit about 200 workplaces across Alberta and the officers are armed with the power to issue stop use or stop work orders on site if deemed necessary. Officers are being asked to refer any suspected employment standards issues to the ministry for follow up. “Alberta retailers operate in a challenging environment and their safety and that of the public is paramount to our industry,” Andrew Klukas, president of the Western Convenience Stores Association, said. “The Western Convenience Stores Association continues to work with the Alberta government to ensure evidence-based safety measures proven to work in our unique retail environment are in place and accessible to all retailers.” In the wake of the December killings, Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley issued the following statement on Dec. 18: “These incidents are both tragic and disturbing. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.

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 0 4L jnr+.> (IV)    family members of a partner in a partnership engaged in a farming or ranching operation where all partners are family members of the same family,                                            and                                       (ii)    working, to or around a private dwelling or any land used in connection with the dwelling that is performed by an occupant or owner who lives in the private dwelling or a household servant of the occupant or owner;                                (t)    “occupational disease” means a disease or ill health arising out of and directly related Joan occupation;                               (u)    “officer”means a Director or a person appointed under section 5 as an occupational health and safety officer;                               (v)    “owner”in respect of a work site means the person in legal possession of the work site or, if the person in legal possession does not request the work, the person with an ownership interest in the work site who requests that the work be done;                               (w)    “peace officer” means a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or a member of municipal police service;                               (x)    “prime contractor” means the prime contractor for a work site referred to in section3;                               (y)    “project”means                                         (i)    the construction, demolition, repair, alteration or removal of a structure,building, complex, street, road or main road, pipeline, sewage system or electric, telecommunication or transmission line,                                       (ii)    the digging of, working in or filling of a trench, excavation, shaft or tunnel,                                      (iii)    the installation, modification, repair or removal of any equipment, machinery Norplant,                                      (iv)    the operation of a manufacturing, industrial or other process, or                                        (v)    any work designated by a Director of Inspection or a Director of OccupationalHygiene as a project;                                (z)    “qualifications board” means a qualifications board established under the regulations;                              (Ca)    “supplier”means a person who rents, leases, erects, installs or provides any tools,appliances or equipment or who sells or otherwise provides any designated substance or hazardous material to be used by a worker in respect of any occupation, project or work site;                          (Ca.1)    “the regulations” means the regulations under section 40(1);                             (Nb)    “worker”means a person engaged in an occupation, but does not include, except for the purpose of section 2(2), the following persons engaged in a farming and ranching operation specified in the regulations:                                         (i)    person to whom no wages, as defined in the Employment Standards Code,are paid for the performance of farming or ranching work;                                       (ii)    person referred to in clause (s)(i)(B)(I) to (IV) to whom wages, as defined in the Employment Standards Code, are paid for the performance of farming or ranching work;                              (cc)    “work site” means a location where a worker is, or is likely to be, engaged in any occupation and includes any vehicle or mobile equipment used by a worker in an occupation. K55 j P l W ? R ? nY ^ ? Find out the legal requirements that must be met by all contractors, employers and workers forte improvement of the health and safety of workers at or on the work site,                                (c)    establish and maintain educational programs regarding the health and safety of workers Bator on the work site, and                               (d)    carry out those duties and functions provided for by the adopted code.    When an officer is of the opinion that supplier is supplying any substance or material that does not comply with ? E `2 I e S 8: contractor, contractor,employer, supplier or worker.    G 'z M 6 * %7y An exception may be at some institutions, training canters or facilities where the primary department has a representative of ? The union co-chairperson is selected by the union ? I Public Library Never miss a job.

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